The purpose of this project is to investigate to what extent a narrative could be communicated through environmental storytelling alone. To investigate this, a project based around environmental narrative and environment building was carried out. The project, called Homelight, is a first-person, horror, walking simulator in which the player tries to discover the fate of a long-lost research crew in Antarctica. As the player progresses through the game they gain insight on the grim fate of the crew, and it is not long before they follow in their footsteps.







In order to streamline the amount of assets I would be making I established a pipeline that would skip the making of a high poly mesh and would instead use the base mesh for baking and texturing. By baking the low poly mesh as high poly I avoided any additional errors and retopology revision and prioritized optimization. I also saved time in making a high poly mesh.

The pipeline used is:

                  1. Maya: Establish a base mesh, shape of the model, and make uvs.

                  2. Substance Painter: Bake low-poly as high-poly and texture.

                  3. UE4: Implementation in Engine 

Some of the following assets have been through Zbrush but the vast majority is an example of this pipeline.